Microbiology laboratory in Barcelona

At Aconsa we are experts in the environmental and food hygiene sector, where we focus primarily on carrying out in-depth analyses on food products, water, air quality, cosmetics and sanitary products.

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Our main areas of laboratory analysis

Food products

We are experts in the microbiological analysis of food products to ensure an effective control of the safety and quality of all products. Our processes are certified by ISO 17025 for the control of pathogenic micro-organisms, including Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and E. coli.

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We specialise in testing drinking water, swimming pools, cooling circuits, closed circuits and wastewater. Our processes are certified by ISO 17025 for the microbiological control of drinking water and the control of Legionella in all facilities with a risk of legionellosis.

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We perform air quality analysis (IAQ) on clean rooms, operating rooms and other areas with controlled airflow. We are also IAQ auditors for buildings and workspaces. Our processes are certified by ISO 17025 for the analysis of environmental microbiology.

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At Aconsa we perform microbiological testing on all cosmetic products (creams, soaps, solutions, make-ups, etc.) with the aim of guaranteeing greater product durability while simultaneously complying with current legislation and consumer safety.

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Experience and y quality

We are an ally in ensuring quality and safety for food, health and industrial companies.

The main goal of Aconsa as a microbiological analysis laboratory is to protect public health. We work with companies to maintain optimum levels of safety and quality in the products they sell, adapting each company’s operations to the requirements of current regulations. Our work is ongoing.

A flexible model

We adapt to the needs of each client by offering a wide variety of analytical tests that form part specific food safety programmes, including the prevention of legionellosis, self-checks of swimming pools and wellness areas and IAQ studies.

Certifications and accreditations

The extensive experience of our technical and quality department has brought us certifications and accreditations that guarantee quality and safety in the obtained results.

Some of our most popular testing services

Legionella testing in water circuits

We investigate the presence of legionella in water facilities to ensure that its presence does not pose a danger to people's health. Our laboratory analyses the water samples of all matrices included in RD865/2003 and standard UNE 100030:2017, as part of our ISO 17025 accreditation.

Food allergen analysis

We manage the control systems of food allergens — including allergens identified by the EU and other specific ones — with the aim of guaranteeing strict safety and transparency in consumer information and protecting people's health.

Control analysis of pathogenic micro-organisms in food products

As per Regulation EC 2073/2005. Analysis and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat foods. Analysis of Salmonella in meat preparations and other food products.

Studies on shelf life and expiry of food products

Real-time studies on shelf life and other studies like the Challenge Test.

Hygienic-sanitary control analysis of water in swimming pools and recreational centres

Microbiological control of surfaces, analysis of bathing water and Legionella testing (as per current legislation) in sports centres, hotels and other facilities whose water circuits fall under RD 865/2003.

Water potability analysis

We test the quality of drinking water by analysing the potability (microbiology, chlorine, metals, pesticides) of tap water and bottled (mineral or spring) or prepared water, to ensure its safety and quality.

Wastewater and groundwater testing

We carry out exhaustive testing on wastewater to ensure that it is purified, sanitised and disposed of properly and poses no risks to people’s health or the environment.

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Food product safety consulting service

Our food product consulting service comprises diagnostics, action plans and periodic controls to ensure that companies in the food and water sector — whether in the primary, industrial or service sectors — comply with current regulations and offer their customers improved safety.

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