Food safety consulting

At Aconsa we offer a comprehensive support service for companies who work with food and water. Our services cover food safety matters from auditing to prevention. Thanks to these services, our clients not only stay up-to-date in their compliance with all new regulations, but they also acquire principles for risk prevention and thus solidify their company’s image.

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A highly beneficial short-and long-term relationship

A service focused on prevention and quality

A food safety consultancy service needs to go beyond resolving immediate necessities; it also needs to establish a beneficial relationship with companies who require greater safety and confidence in their activity in order to maintain compliance with current regulations and offer the right image to their customers. For this reason, at Aconsa, we aim to ensure that our clients take an active role in implementing safety and quality systems that are focused on prevention rather than correcting problems.

Our food consulting services


Our food and water safety advisory service includes a wide range of actions, from diagnosing the situation and proposing corrective measures, to periodic controls. We tailor our services to the needs of each company.


Regular audits are the best way to guarantee the effectiveness of our actions and offer peace of mind to ourselves and to third parties. They allow us to determine the status of a material and the necessary actions to improve it.


Ongoing training is fundamental to guaranteeing the proper operation of a company, its compliance with regulations and its healthy corporate image.

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Our consulting services work in tandem with our regular training programmes to ensure risk prevention and food, water and air quality.

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