Notice of Release of Food Supplements on the Market

At Aconsa, we accompany companies that manufacture or distribute food supplements in all the regulatory processes they must undergo before launching their products on the market, including, if necessary, pre-registration in the Spanish General Sanitary Registry of Food Companies and Food (RGSEAA), obtaining the National Parapharmacy Code or other actions that depend on each case.

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A highly competitive and innovative market where mistakes can be costly

Before releasing supplements such as sports supplements, probiotics, multivitamins, iron or calcium supplements, etc. on the market, manufacturers must ensure that they meet the requirements for approval by the competent authorities. Some marketers of food supplements see this as a mere communication procedure. However, simply notifying your intent to market a product does not imply approval by the administration: although the operator can start marketing these products, they can be liable for any irregularity inherent in the product or for deficiencies in its labeling, which can even imply provisional withdrawal from the market for rectification, something that will give an advantage to competitors and may have economic and image consequences.

Puesta mercado complementos alimenticios

We are your most solvent partner when releasing food supplements on the market

At Aconsa we start from the premise that a laboratory that carries out composition analysis of products has extensive knowledge of the regulations in the matter and has extensive experience in accompanying companies in placing their food products on the market, including food supplements, is the one who can provide the best advice in a procedure that depends largely on correct information about a product.

What does the process consist of?

Advisory services associated with filing a notice of release of food supplements on the market

  • General orientation on necessary procedures and competent administration in each case
  • Regulatory assessment of the formula for compliance with regulations
  • Evaluation and translation of legal texts for labeling
  • Notifications of market launches in different EU countries
  • Request for Spanish National Code for Pharmacy specializing in the sale of over-the-counter medications and health and beauty products.

Complementos nutricionales

What is the purpose of this service?

A notice of the release of food supplements and other related procedures must be filed by laboratories, manufacturers, importers, and distributors of food supplements, as well as any other applicable pharmacy items like cosmetics and personal care products, baby food and nursery items, special medical use foods, etc.

European companies without a registered address in Spain that wish to sell their products in Spain who are accountable to the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN).

Companies based in Spain that want to sell imported products in Spain who are accountable to AESAN.

Spanish companies wanting to export products manufactured in Spain within the EU, who are accountable to the autonomous community where they have their registered office.

Do you need support with marketing food supplements?

In our laboratory, we advise and process all the necessary documentation before the competent authorities.

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